What to Expect the Next Time You Go Into a Makeup Store During COVID-19

Due to having to wear a face mask on a regular basis (which pretty much covers the entire face) and more people having the convenience of working from home or perhaps might be out of work during this time, many are finding they are wearing less makeup than they ever did before.  Although this might be the case and many do plenty of their beauty purchases online nowadays, this does not totally eliminate the old school way of shopping for your makeup–going to a retail location to hand pick your products.  Especially for those who do not know much about makeup, online shopping can be rather challenging if you do not know much about how to choose the correct shades to suit your coloring and style preferences.  It is for this reason that going in person is most beneficial because you can rely on a professional to gather for you exactly what you need and know what works for you personally.  If you are a makeup artist like myself, then going in person is equally important for choosing the best products for both professional and personal use and there is no better way of knowing what is best unless you can see the products in person and test them out prior to purchasing.

Being faced with a pandemic, retail locations have started to reopen but to ensure safety, shopping for makeup is a whole different ball game.  Here are some things to expect the next time you are in a makeup or department store:

  •  Most stores have capacity limits meaning that you might need to wait in line just to get in through the doors.  For this reason, it is ideal to go at a time that the store will most likely be less busy, such as on a week day and in the middle of the day.  I would even suggest calling the store in advance to see what times would be most ideal to come in.
  • You absolutely will need a face covering upon entry.  I know this might vary from state to state but most retailers have adopted a no mask / no entry policy.
  • Typically, a makeup artist at the store can test a product on you or even complete a makeover but that is no longer allowed right now.  The same goes for if you want to touch or swatch a product to see if it works for you, makeup testing that requires any sort of touching of the product is completely forbidden.  Even if it can be sanitized prior to and after use, most stores do not allow for anyone to touch the testers which can make picking products a little more difficult.
  • Prior to the pandemic, requesting a sample of a product to take home or any type of makeup sampling typically was acceptable given the store had small makeup containers or prepackaged samples.  However makeup sampling is no longer an option.
  • In terms of return policies, I find that many stores have kept their return policies as they normally would and some have even made extensions for returns due to the current situation.  I have not come across any that do not accept returns during this time although it is always good to ask.

Since you can no longer test a product on your face or touch the testers in any way, I would suggest to have a list with you on hand as you would when you go to the grocery store so you can just grab and go or seek a makeup artist with what exactly you are looking for and take their product recommendations.  Sometimes just by seeing the product or color, you can tell by eyeing it if it will work for you but if you are unsure, it does not hurt to get a second opinion, that is what they are there for!

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